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ALL-RUSSIA FORUM«Educational Equipments»
OCTOBER, 2-5th, 2012
All-Russia Exhibition Center, Moscow, RUSSIA

ALL-RUSSIA FORUM«Educational EquipmentS»-is the leading event aimed at presenting top achievements in the development of education environments throughout the country's education system, including innovations, progressive methodology, and state of the art teaching aids, as well as achievements in pre-school, school-age, professional-training and higher-education curricula.

2011 ALL-RUSSIA FORUM «EDUCATIONAL EQUIPMENTS» stretched over a massive 7000 square meters, and attracted more than 240 exhibitors from 54 regions of Russia and abroad, as well as over 9,000 visitors.

Since 2003 the Forum has official status of the IUEF (International Union of Exhibitions and Fairs)
ALL-RUSSIA FORUM «EDUCATIONAL EQUIPMENTS» includes three specialized exhibitions: “Educational Equipment”, “Educational Environment” and “Educational Books and Multimedia Publishing”, as well as a packed schedule of topical meetings and competitions.

Educational Equipment:

Products for education and training institutes

  • School furniture and equipment
  • Laboratory equipment and accessories, guidance materials, visual aids
  • Educational technology, equipment, accessories and training aids
  • Workshop equipment
  • Sports-hall equipment and accessories
  • Fire-safety equipment
  • Accessories and equipment for children's creative work (decorative materials, drawing books, photography and art sets, musical instruments)
  • Educational games and toys
  • School uniform, footwear, hats, accessories
  • School accessories - bunting, flags, badges
  • Stationary

Dedicated transport for educational and training institutes
Canteen equipment for educational and training institutes

Educational Environment:

Education content and technology

  • Education technologies and pre-school, school-age, professional-training and higher-education curricula
  • Technology for extended child education
  • Subject-specific education technology
  • Staff training services

IT in education

  • Software for education and training
  • Computer, audio, video and multimedia equipment for education
  • Technology and methodology for teaching foreign languages
  • Interactive media and technology
  • E- learning technology and equipment

Teaching technology and equipment for children with limited abilities

Educational Books and Multimedia Publishing:

  • Textbooks
  • Guidance material
  • Dictionaries
  • Reading books
  • Reference books
  • Encyclopaedias
  • Popular science
  • Fiction
  • Family pedagogy
  • Books for pre-school education


  • Seminar Meeting “The Situation and Problems with Teaching Aids, Technologies and Equipment in Educational Institutes”
  • 10+ themed round-table discussions
  • More than twenty master classes and presentations, writing programmes, aids and projects.

The All-Russian Convention of Leaders of the Regional Education Authorities of the Russian Federation traditionally takes place in Moscow at the time.

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Director of Exhibition Projects
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Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Government of Moscow

Preparations started for the RUSSIA EDUCATION WEEK 2011.

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